Waiting is beneficial

Waiting for Contentment … what is it?

Is it that feeling after eating a full meal? When everyone pushes back their chairs and sighs, placing utensils down. Or something more?

Does contentment come naturally?

Admittedly as a growing child, I was often hungry before the next mealtime. My mother strove to set up healthy habits. One of which, I am grateful I learned. The no eating between meals.  However, that last segment of time between, seemed like a long stretch. While food always appeared, it left its mark in my mind. Often before tasting the first bites or polishing the last from my plate — a question escaped my lips. 

Mom! what are we having for _______?

Her response was normally the same. “You haven’t even finished this meal — stop asking about the next one!”

There I was: wondering, worrying, and pondering what comes next.

Do you catch yourself wondering about the next: meal, purchase, idea, event, adventure, or something else?

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NKJV‬‬ — Bible

Unquestionably not an idle promise — He’s God!

Similarly but human, my mom was always faithful with the food. Yet, my feelings of hunger caused me to doubt over and over. It didn’t seem to matter if she served a huge quantity or just a light meal — the question still escaped my lips.

Somehow, I felt knowing all the details would leave me with that secure feeling. That, merely knowing would allow me to control the situation and make it happen on my time schedule.

Did it? No.

Instead would it have been better for me to eat round the clock, day and night? How could my little child stomach process the food effectively or have time to rest without more added every bit?

In this situation, my mother knew what I didn’t. I needed time to feel a lack before more was truly beneficial.

This might be a growing time, so your feelings of need seem more desperate. God doesn’t change!  He sees a bigger picture and long-term benefits from waiting.

God has the riches to supply ALL your needs. Why not be content waiting that He will, and rejoice in the felt needs? Because! the supply will be delivered when it benefits most.

Father, help us choose to wait contentedly on Your plan. Thank You for seeing the bigger picture of our lives. Thank You for the times of lack. Help us learn to embrace them as waymarks, knowing You are faithful and will supply. In Jesus name amen.

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