Prayer: Sustain the Hurting

Father tonight I pray for Your seeking daughter. Sustain her heart. She feels it’s been trampled, bruised, and laying alone beyond repair. When she tries to self protect the wounds she inflicts deepen her own pain and isolation.
Father direct her eyes to fear You. Your Word says the Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Thank You for giving her a place to turn for spiritual guidance. Help her find the resources her heart craves. She is suffocating from a lack of knowing Your ways and plan. Give her remembrance of times of sweet joy in the past with the man she committed to for life. She has unintentionally and unwittingly started so many fires or fanned the flames where they were started by another. Help her learn to douse what’s going and stamp out future sparks. Lord I don’t have all the answers but You do. Send her some rain. In Jesus name amen

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