Trying is Motion God Moves Through

During my morning breakfast munching (Friday, September 22, 2017) I felt strongly impressed to take a photograph of myself and send it to a woman. (Trying to listen to that still small voice lead to the incredible.) Setting down my spoon, I browsed the gallery of photos on my phone. Upon discovering none were “recent,” I took a face shot and sent it.

Imagine my surprise in finding the sun’s rays gleaming through the window over my shoulder. Recalling the post “Rays of Son-shine,” I decided to take one less conspicuous for this website. The day prior, I had attached a beautiful photo. Although awe-inspiring, it hadn’t felt “right.”

Quickly, snapping a few more produced these…

Trying 1 of 4
By: AP
Trying 2 of 4
By: AP
Trying 3 of 4
By: AP
Trying 4 of 4
By: AP

Suddenly it occurred to me that the post calls each person to seek the light rays. Here I was with my back to the light and my face shrouded in darkness. Almost by my posture demonstrating an avoidance of the rays.

At that point, my body felt like lead and that I couldn’t stand up and turn around, thus taking a photo over my shoulder with my body toward the sun.

With my avid photographer husband sitting across from me I easily could have stood, turned my body, reseated, and asked him to snap the shot.

Something held me back: my body’s extra heaviness, an explanation of the need seemed overwhelming, as well as a growing sense within me to try.

Even though, I knew there was no humanly way possible for me to position the camera, twist around to face the window, and take the “same shot” — I felt compelled that the post needed such a photo.

Deciding to look toward the light I tried over and over to snap a photo — any photo. Leaving the composition worry for later shots, I tried six to twelve times to touch the “capture” button on the phone while looking in the opposite direction but to no avail.

Realizing my enormous lack and yet the obvious opportunity — I prayed! Simply asking for God’s help and boom! The perfect photo was taken at once.

See Photo and Post

My hands felt shaky. My mind kept replaying the events. My eyes scanning the photos I took and the one I let God take. My heart pounding knowing His hands covered mine just moments before.

Hours, Days, and a Week later…

My voice continues to echo of the photo God took using my thumb.

When God asks –Try! Then see where He takes your “trying” effort?

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