Shift into Spiritual Gear

Driving a manual transmission can be intimidating or exhilarating.  Either way, it requires more attention of the operator. Shifting into any gear takes practiced effort. In fact, it requires a choice and coordinated movements. Likewise when moving from spiritual neutral into spiritual gear.

Earlier I posted “Spiritual Neutral Out of Gear.” Which is how I found myself upon awaking one morning. Although I didn’t stay there. 

It took some coordinated choices and actions just like a vehicle would to re-engage and gain momentum in my spiritual life.

If you read the first article it mentions my first choice/action.

Steps to Shift into Spiritual Gear

1. Seek God’s wisdom through prayer to discover the cause.

Mine was a refusal to submit to my conscience about my intemperate consumption of a product.

2. Surrender to God anew.

Giving: myself, schedule, resources, talents, gifts, and every aspect of life over for use in His grand plan.

3. Set up a hedge to aid separation from the cause.

Abstaining/fasting from a broader group of associated actions allowed me to regain self-control in the area of intemperance.

4. System reboot by rehydrating the brain and body functions while flushing toxins.

Every 15 minutes a timer went off and I drank one cup of water.

5. Stimulate the mind and heart with God’s Word.

Listen to, read, or sing: Bible verses daily. Try doing it throughout the day! I use two free app’s: “Bible” and “Scripture Singer.”

6. Start in again with God where you last saw the light.

Was it: a Bible study series, a book/chapter of the Bible, serving others, a seminar/meetings, reading or hearing another’s testimony, a devotional or perhaps prayer? Refresh what you were learning before losing the connection. Mine was a “chronological reading” plan of the Bible.

It helps to have a specific reading/study plan laid out for each day. Then no matter how you feel there is always something to direct your focus.


It takes almost no effort or thought to slip into neutral.

While in neutral you are going “nowhere fast.” If the brakes aren’t engaged the sum of the outside forces acting on it may produce motion.  BUT! Unless someone takes control, both forward and backward, movement generally lead to harmful consequences

There is hope in sight!

Following step by step instructions help when learning to driver. AND purposeful steps, Bible study guides and/or reading plans aid your Spiritual life.

Start with a destination in mind, get into gear, and go!

The more times it’s practiced the easier and smoother the transition occurs.

Need a Bible reading plan for tomorrow?

Check out the book of James! Just read a little each day. Meanwhile set a plan for where to go next.

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