Bible “Chew”

First let’s set the table or define a “chew.”

Fasting is a biblical concept practiced by many including: Jesus.

During a fasting period the individual/s chose to leave something out of their life/lives (often food). At the same time, they sought God through prayer and scripture! However, the Bible teaches fasting, in and of itself, isn’t what connects us to God.

awhiffofheaven is promoting feasting on God’s Word!

This is where the “chew” comes in? Fasting is an out-ward “laying aside” choice. Whereas, Feasting is an in-ward “taking in an abundance” action. However, it’s accomplished bite by bite.

Each spoonful needs a “chewing” time. Actual food begins the digestion process in the mouth. Absorption and incorporation follow digestion.

Likewise scripture needs time for pondering in the mind. With it an application develops that can later permeate the life. After all, swallowing food whole doesn’t provide the body much benefit. Similarly speed reading the scriptures constitutes little sustenance for the soul.

Grab a Bite — Choose a Chew! Or Select a Bible Study!