Darkness: Shut it outside the door

Darkness shut out
By: AP

An author of long ago wrote about spiritual light and darkness:

“If … thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”—Matthew 6:22 KJV Bible

Singleness of purpose, wholehearted devotion to God, is the condition pointed out by the Saviour’s words. Let the purpose be sincere and unwavering to discern the truth and to obey it at whatever cost, and you will receive divine enlightenment. Real piety begins when all compromise with sin is at an end. Continue reading “Darkness: Shut it outside the door”

Each Moment is a Chance for Encouragement

Correspondingly everyone needs encouragement! Additionally an author of long ago wrote:

“Every day that passes brings us nearer the last great important day. We are one year nearer the judgment, nearer eternity, than we were at the beginning of 1884. Are we also drawing nearer to God? Are we watching unto prayer? Another year of our time to labor has rolled into eternity. Every day we have been associating with men and women who are judgment bound. Each day may have been the dividing line to some soul; someone may have made the decision which shall determine his future destiny. What has been our influence over these fellow travelers? What efforts have we put forth to bring them to Christ?” {5T 466.1} Continue reading “Each Moment is a Chance for Encouragement”